Business Ideas with Sexier Co Working

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January 30, 2017
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June 16, 2017

Business Ideas with Sexier Co Working


For increased productivity and ideation, it is very important for a work place to have open and collaborativeculture. It is not just about making money but about working towards a common goal and aspirations. Global firms like Google, Samsung and others have the same kind of environment. The same forms of work lifestyle are adopted by co-working spaces  around the world. Here are some factors that make work sexy again.

The Place

It all starts from the place that we choose as our workplace.

  • Design

In order to create the future of work, the design element of the place you work has to be on point. In Innov8, every piece of furniture and walls are designed ergonomically to increase productivity.Zonal overlap is one of the best methods under which an office can be planned so as to create opportunities for unplanned interactions and collaboration among the colleagues or co-workers. This is scientifically proven method to boost performance. Areas like coffee area, lunch rooms, lounge area and cafeteria increase collaborations. Spaces like lunch room, start-up library, indooramphi-theatre, start-up cafeteria, meeting rooms, common areas, nap room and terrace prove to be very effective.

  • Motivational ambience

It is very important for workplace to have a motivational ambience to keep employees inspired. Motivation is top-most priority for any co-working space. One of the best ways is to put up motivational messages and thoughts on the walls.


Co-working offers you the opportunity to work with new people. While on the other hand, in traditional work environment the team has to work with same set of people. This kind of collaborative ecosystem is rich and varied with so many people from different backgrounds.


Working in a collaborative space brings another major advantage and that is learning. You can learn from your co-workers and team mates when working in a co-working space.

Ask for help: When you are co-working, you need not to go anywhere to get your problems solved. You can interact with people from different fields at work-space.

Activities and Events

Activities and events form an interactive environment and help employees grow. Many co-working spaces provide event areas where people meet to interact and create lifetime networks. Events and community building are an important part of any co-working centre.

Fun at work

To ensure positive work environment, it is important to create a fun environment. Play some indoor games like foosball, PlayStation, mini golf and go to terrace area with the best view of the city.

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