Getting Training or Meeting Rooms – Here’s what you need to search for?

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Getting Training or Meeting Rooms – Here’s what you need to search for?

Meeting rooms in delhi

A good meeting and conference room are critical and must-have facilities that every business needs.

Regardless of whether you need to get a meeting space for video conferencing or team building – finalizing on a dedicated meeting or training room for your business requires close review of a few essential facets identifying with space, technological infrastructure, flexibility and related services.

While the meeting type impacts the kind of meeting room you need to get, broadly, one should pay special attention to the features mentioned underneath prior to renting a dedicated meeting room.

  • Location

    LocationSelecting a well-developed, centrally situated, and fairly easily commutable place for business meetings is highly important. If the meeting attendees are going to travel to a meeting location, you would want to help them find and reach the location with no trouble. Thus, you require a meeting room in an important area.

    Find facilities with easy transit facilities and near the cosmopolitan areas and financial hubs. If your visitors require parking options, food, accommodation and travel help, choosing a meeting room in a prominent area is imperative.


  • Number of Attendees

    Number-of-AttendeesHow many people are expected to attend the meeting? You would not prefer to book a meeting room that is excessively small or pointlessly vast. Consider the optimal number of guests you may have to accommodate at any given point and rent a meeting room based on that.

    Another decision you have to make is the meeting room layout – do you require a rectangular room or a circular one. Certain team exercises, video conferencing or presentation may require a particular room design.


  • Technological Aids

    Business meetings and conferences require several kinds of technological support and Technologicalcommunication.

    A good meeting room should offer you fundamental facilities like Video/ Audio conferencing, a projector, LAN connection ports and Wi-Fi.

    In the event that you need your abroad colleagues to attend the meeting – It may likewise be a smart thought to have conversion cables and universally used power cords.

    Other things that one needs to consider while booking a meeting room is the accessibility of on-location specialized help for connecting and setting up different gadgets, electronic whiteboards, printing devices, and stationery.

  • Hospitality

    HospitalityIt‘s normal to have a few breaks between the meetings. In case you are going to have a lengthy meeting, you should check if the meeting room you have booked has an in-house meal or refreshments serving facility for the visitors.

    Great n hospitality with a phenomenal cleanliness record and housekeeping facility must be considered while choosing a place for the conferences and meetings.


  • Check the Venue Yourself or Read Reviews

    Check-the-Venue-Yourself-or-Read-ReviewsVisiting the venue personally will help you decide whether or not you want it– you will get an idea of the staff and the ambiance.
    In case it is not a suitable option for you to visit it personally, you read the reviews from different organizations that may have held a meeting there beforehand. Their reviews can enable you to choose if the place is appropriate for your necessities.

Zen’s meeting and conference facilities in Delhi

Want to book a meeting room in New Delhi? Well, look no further– Zen India’s Business Centre at Defence Colony, South Delhi is an ideal place for your business meetings and conferences.

Zen offers you dedicated meeting and conference facilities in South Delhi which is one of the most eminent and easily commutable locations in Delhi.

The resourceful and luxurious meeting rooms are ideal for scheduling your meetings, presentations, discussions, training and video conferences in Delhi.

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