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Coworking Spaces and the Stereotypes Around Them: Why is Coworking Better

Coworking Spaces and the Stereotypes Around Them: Why is Coworking Better

The coworking environment has become an integral part of how the business process takes place, especially in times like these when a pandemic is at large and organizations are having to take extreme safety measures. More people are joining coworking spaces every day in order to attain the great networking and productivity opportunities that such spaces offer. 

Nevertheless, despite the demonstrated effect of coworking on workspace productivity and networking scopes, there are a lot of doubts and hesitation about coworking spaces being able to successfully replace traditional offices. 

Let’s take a look at some of them and understand how most of these misconceptions are fundamentally unfounded:

A messy and cluttered workspace

The people who have worked at corporate see the working models of coworking spaces as unorganized and disordered. The fact that coworking spaces provide their employees with freedom and flexibility that a traditional office does not make coworking space seem like an unkempt space. Coworking offers its clients to work at a time that suits them, sit where they like, and connect with other professionals during their breaks. 

In order to tackle this issue of disorganization, you can provide your customers with facilities that offer the uniformity that corporate employees are used to, allowing them to have a seamless transition from a traditional office to a coworking space.

 You can also establish a desk booking system in your workspace to help avoid the disorganization stereotype. 

Coworking only suits freelancers

The way coworking spaces offer their facilities and amenities, it can appear that they are well-suited for freelancers and other part-time workers. However, in no way does this mean that a full-time employee can’t take advantage of a coworking space. Modern business space consists of four types of workers:

  • Small businessmen
  • Freelancers
  • Remote workers
  • Corporate organizations

Nowadays, we are seeing a massive shift in the corporate culture wherein they are encouraging their employees to work from coworking spaces in order to save time and boost productivity. Moreover, coworking spaces yield better results from remote workers compared to the usual work from home routine. 

Companies are also allowing their HR to work from a coworking space, making it easier for them to get privacy and space in which they can offer a more competent human resource management. 

Although designed to cater to the needs of remote workers and freelancers, coworking spaces are in no way exclusive to these types of employees. Coworking spaces are a vast ecosystem of individuals, businesses, and employees, bringing a range of experiences, backgrounds, and skillsets under one roof.

In order to get rid of this mentality about your coworking space, focus on marketing and make clear copies of who can benefit from a coworking space.

Coworking is for startups

Originally, coworking spaces were set up to offer small businesses and startups an optimal workspace. Nevertheless, it was not long when it was decided that the networking opportunities, positive workplace attitude, collaborative environment, along with many other facilities can serve even large organizations and businesses.

Now, corporations are starting to realize the ways coworking spaces can help them be productive while maintaining an interesting work environment. With coworking spaces, you get networking and collaborative opportunities, access to new markets, as well as an optimal working environment where your employees will feel motivated and inspired to give their best. 

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Coworking is for ITs

Generally speaking, the number of computer engineers, web developers, and IT specialists found in a coworking space is way above average so the myth that coworking spaces are for ITs is not entirely unfounded. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that coworking spaces are for tech enthusiasts but that techies are more likely to work remotely. Most IT professionals need a laptop and a desk to do most of their job. 

Coworking spaces accommodate people from every profession and are not focused on any particular type of profession. Although they could have more than enough programmers and computer experts, it only serves in the favor of other members of the space. For instance, if you are a writer working in a coworking space facing issues with your computer, you can approach any of the computer experts you know and get rid of the issue right then and there. 

coworking space and the stereotypes

Costly and fancy

Coworking space is perceived as fancy and unaffordable by most people, given the fine infrastructure and the wide range of amenities they offer. However, when you search through coworking spaces in your city, you will come to realize that you can actually afford most of them.

Granted, there are luxurious coworking spaces that offer five-star facilities to their clients. If you are looking for an impeccable office space that takes care of all your needs, you might have to shed a few extra bucks. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a coworking space for your business or personal work, you can’t go wrong with most options available in the market. 

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Lacks individuality

One of the most common complaints about coworking spaces is that they all look the same. This is in fact a misconception. All coworking spaces offer the same flexibility and amenities but they are not the same structurally or inherently. Coworking spaces vary in size, infrastructure, internal design, location, diversity, and community. 

There are coworking spaces that specially cater to women, parents, cooks, digital nomads, athletes, dog owners, etc. In order to get rid of this myth, personalize and style your coworking space in a unique fashion.

Lacks privacy

Coworking spaces have been known to be noisy and interfering. While there certainly can be a bit of noise around the space, it is nothing out of the ordinary. Every office space has a bit of noise when it comes to the employees interacting with each other. It all comes down to what you consider a disturbance and what you accept as a part of working with others. 

Coworking spaces are created around networking and collaborative potential, which means the people come together to share ideas, help each other, and find new ways to apply their skills and make the best out of their employment. Notwithstanding that everyone needs some quiet while working. If coworking members find a particular spot noisy or annoying, they can always shift to other, quieter corners of the office. Coworking spaces provide their members with an option to choose from a private office, single desk, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and phone booths to take care of all their needs. 

Renting is easier

Coworking spaces are rented like traditional offices, but it offers facilities and amenities that most offices lack. In fact, coworking spaces are more flexible when it comes to renting. You can rent a coworking space for a day, a week, a month, or an entire year, according to your requirements. 

For businesses looking to set up a new office in a city, coworking spaces are the best options. 

Not enough space

When most people think of coworking spaces, they imagine a place crawling with people from different fields of expertise creating a commotion. 

On the contrary, coworking offers spacious locations and provides customers with an option to choose where they want to work. In fact, most coworking spaces have more room than a traditional office. Besides spacious workspace, coworking spaces also offer flexible timings and up-to-date security so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Working from home is cheaper

There is no arguing the fact that working from home is cheaper than any other alternative. Nevertheless, working from home also has its caveats including procrastination. When you join a coworking space, you are molding yourself into a routine that will allow you to be productive and on top of your work. 

As more entrepreneurs, businessmen, and organizations join coworking spaces, it is obvious that it is the new way to work and stay connected with your colleagues. Despite the number of myths and misconceptions about coworking spaces, it is still coming out to be a robust industry that is here to stay. 

  • Coworking Spaces and the Stereotypes Around Them: Why is Coworking Better

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