Future of co-working spaces in India - trends expected in 2018-2019

Future of co-working spaces in India & trends expected in 2018-2019

Future of co-working spaces in India & trends expected in 2018-2019

Trends keep changing in the business market. Every now and then there are various factors which stand up to take the responsibility for the changing trends. The demand for the co-working spaces in the year 2017 witnessed a sharp rise due to the floatation of the start-ups in huge number. These new companies have to face struggle, teething issues, and immense competitions when they are launched in the market. They have tight investment canvas and hence look for avenues which can prove to cut the costs. Co-working spaces thus proved to be an excellent opportunity for such companies and the year 2019 saw an immense growth in such service providers. (Learn more about benefits of coworking culture for start-ups here)

Co-working spaces and trends expected in 2018-2019

  • As the rentals of the co-working spaces are very adjusting in nature, the demand for such spaces is soaring. These are easily available on the daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It is an understood fact that the co-working spaces are primarily sought as cost-cutting tools by the clients and hence they have the keep the rentals attractive and pocket-friendly so that it is within the budget of such organizations.
  • These services can be availed by individuals, freelancers, start-ups, or SMEs. Hence the magnitude of the clientele is diverse and wide which again leads to the growth of the demand for such service providers.
  • Technology has been playing a dominant role in the business segment. The co-working spaces are
    equipped with the electronic gadgets like computers, desktops, fax machines, printers, etc. which have become the lifeline of business in the recent years. Such amenities are a part of the rentals which the clients have to
    part with and thus become available to them without incurring higher costs. (Here is a quick guide to help you find the right co-working space)
  • As they get a physical address to their business set-up, the credibility ratio attached to the business also escalates.
  • Operational costs are also reduced which is one of the basic requirements of the companies with lower investments.
  • As the co-working spaces are stationed in centrally located trading centres with easy transportation accessibility, the companies and their respective clients can easily access the space.
  • As per statistics, India is fast-absorbing the expected target for space consumption and this trend has led to the huge popularity of the co-working spaces.
  • People who have ideal spaces are utilizing such spaces to convert to co-working areas and thus gathering a source of income for self and increasing their living standards.
  • These factors are making a significant contribution to the rise of the economy of the country too. The survey also proves this.

Zen Business Centre wholeheartedly supports such progressive thinking and wants to be a part of the bandwagon. We want to be a shareholder in this trend and offer co-working spaces as a great idea for the growth of business and trade across the country. We recently launched our second premium office space with co-working facility in Saket, Delhi. The trends have shown that the year 2018 will also witness a great rise and shine in the related direction.

  • Future of co-working spaces in India & trends expected in 2018-2019

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