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How To Find The Right Coworking Space?

How To Find The Right Coworking Space?

Co-Working spaces are the new trend in corporate world. With the rise in number of start-ups hitting the market every single month, there is a strong need for cheap work spaces. The idea of Co-working space, perhaps, emerged as a solution to that problem. These spaces are particularly designed to offer entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business with professional work ambiance and amenities. However, it is very important for every company or professional to find the right kind of co-working space. The idea of perfect co-working space may be different for different people and businesses and therefore it is very important to consider a few factors before choosing your work space.

Here are a few points that you need to prioritize while choosing a co-Working space:

• Location- Convenience First
First and foremost, it is very important for any office to easily accessible- for you and for others as well. This can be the biggest advantage is used well. In case of a co-working space you can wisely pick a location that is not too far from your space and is easy to locate. So, why not? Try to select a central location because it is easy to commute and easy to find. Make sure that there is enough parking space because who wants to waste time looking for parking space every day. The best way to judge the location is to visit the place in person. Don’t depend on internet too much and try to spend at least day at the place to know if it suits your requirement.

• Community
Whether you agree or not, community is one of the most important factors while choosing a workplace. It is very important for t to sync your needs and personality. It is better to choose a co-working company that organists events, community meet-ups, business mentor-ships etc. to develop the networking among the co-workers.

• Office Hygiene
Pay a strict attention to the cleanliness factor when choosing a work place. The larger the number of employees at a business centre the higher is the chances of health issues as per researches on office sanitation and its influence on productivity of employees. Look at the bathrooms, cafeteria, and ask about the rules of cleanliness (if any) followed by the members. Ask about the use of cleaning chemicals and any procedures followed by them in choosing the cleaning / janitorial staff.

• Amenities and infrastructure
Here are a few amenities that are a must for a co-working space. Don’t forget to look out for them when you choose your space.
• 24 hours of electricity and Wi-Fi connectivity.
• All time access to tea and coffee, vending machine.
• Admin facilities, Virtual office addresses
• Start-up library, start-up cafeteria, lunch room, naps room
• Accessibility to meeting rooms and entire space as required.
• Bookings and Community connect through mobile app.
• Entertainment at the lounge area.

When it comes to infrastructure it is very important that the place magnetizes the visitors. It should be judiciously designed as per the working style and profession/business. A perfect co-working space reflects a thoughtful design and is eco-friendly.

• Cost
There are some co-working spaces/companies that offer some great promotions and benefits to business team. You can always pick such places so as to ensure that the place is best at the cost. You common goal should be maximum return of value against your time and money invested. And above all, make sure that you spend some time at the place before finalizing it so as to get a realistic picture of that co-working space.

  • How To Find The Right Coworking Space?

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