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Rise of Coworking Salons in India

Rise of Coworking Salons in India

A relatively new concept which needs lots of brain-storming and evaluations. Coworking has certainly come a long way with ample response from Software Companies. The current wave of Start-ups, Freelancers, and Digital Marketing Agencies have made things even better. Recently, WeWork, the pioneer in the concept of shared workspaces, became the largest occupier of office space in London, right after the UK Government. Following their footsteps, many others have popped-up sharing the same idea of flexible Office models and décor. While they were initially targeted at the Software Industry where most of the work is cloud-based, the focus is now shifting to other Segments of Business as well. Beauty Salon service is one such area where this coworking space idea is catching up slowly.

There is no denying that coworking space is the pervasive feature of Modern Day Business but a Salon? Yes, very much. Tokyo has seen the first coworking Salon in form of the experimental Go Today Shaire Salon where new Stylists have an option to rent a beauty booth or shampoos Stations. Shaire Salons are giving them the flexibility to choose their place in the Client’s preferred timings at a much lesser cost. The Appointments can be booked online with a choice of 30 Stylists. Now that’s some number! Designed by Japanese Interior designing Firm Carona, Shaire Salon boasts of 12 independent semi-private Salons interestingly names as Empowerment, Freedom etc. As per reports of Frame Magazine, the idea is doing extremely well & Shaire Salon is planning to expand the Business. That’s a gamble well paid!

The idea is getting popular among Stylists and Hair Specialists. The founder of beauty stuck, a visual booking tool created for beauty professionals, Sharmadean Reid shares her experience as-“I think coworking spaces for Beauty Pros is a good future bet. Most of the market are single practitioners and salons currently take 30-60pc of a Beauty Pros earnings as chair rental/commission. The current economics don’t stack up…”  It is to be noted that Sharmadean has also formed WAH Nails as an independent professional, so her opinion counts.

In Delhi, we are witnessing the beginning of co-working salons where some companies have started experimenting with this idea. R’s Just Hair – a Hair Salon chain in Delhi and Gurgaon is now offering Co-working salon and rent a chair service to beauty and fashion professionals.

One of the Top Salon Franchisee in Forbe’s list, Sola Salon, echoes the same idea with a difference. Their Business model is to lease large retail spaces and later, converting them into individual Salon units. So what exactly is working behind the idea? Let’s see-

Independence- the personal freedom of a stylist to paint, furnish the place as per her/his needs or choice

Economy-the biggest motivator here. In the previous Models where the new Stylists would rent a Chair in a Salon, he/she has to pay a hefty chunk leaving less than half of the income in her kitty. Whereas in coworking model, he/she ends up paying a maximum of 10-15% to the Franchisee/Space owner keeping the rest for herself.

Lesser headache, greater productivity- maintaining a workspace is not an easy task. It comes with its own baggage and stress. What’s better than to leave all the burden to a professional and concentrating on something you are best at-creating magic!

  • Rise of Coworking Salons in India

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