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Top 6 Tips for Opening Your Own Co-Working Space

Top 6 Tips for Opening Your Own Co-Working Space

Co-Working spaces are in trend these days with thousands of co-working spaces opening across the globe. These spaces are different from traditional offices as they are independent spaces where entrepreneurs and business professionals from many different industries come together to work under one roof. Working in co-working spaces allows you professional freedom along with many other advantages. If you are also planning to open your own co-working space then here are seven tips for you. After successfully planning and running Zen Business Centre in Defense Colony and Blue Water premium office space in Saket, we are also offering co-working franchise in North India.

1. Demand

Start your co-working space where it is actually in demand. Considering that the idea of co-working space is quite new to people, not many people will be convinced to shift to this concept. You may even have to host events and seminars to make people aware. Start your co-working space as per the requirement. If you have a strong plan but you see little demand then you may start the business at a small scale.

2. Build a Community

Before you set up a co-working space, build a community and observe the response. Invite people, freelance writers and employees to work from a café to see how it works. This way you will build a community and the people would like to be a part of your co-working space. You will already have people at your door before you open your own space.

3. Focus on Location

Location is very important while setting up a co-working space. The place has to be easily accessible by public transport so that people can commute easily. Make sure to make your space convenient to potential coworkers.

4. Market Strategy

Any and every business needs to have a strong marketing strategy. You need to know how to market your business well so as to attract maximum people. Do not limit yourself to advertising locally, as many traveling businessmen and women look to co-working spaces in destination cities to have a place to work and network with other professionals. While most co-working spaces may not have funds for advertising, they can definitely rely on the mouth to mouth publicity. Get in touch with like-minded people through various means.

5. Get Local Help

In many cities and states, there are various provisions for start-ups and growing businesses. Enquire locally about the help or resources they may be able to provide. There are small-business development centres or economic development corporations in many cities that provide create economic opportunities for businesses.

6. Consult Experts

The initial stages can be a bit confusing and you may not know how to proceed further. It is always good to take advice from people who have already set their feet in the industry already. Talk to them and discuss the challenges faced by them to be aware of them already. This will help you have a better understanding of the business. Experts will be able to show your the right areas to invest which will take you one step ahead of the competition. Cost-cutting is not the answer, eg investing on proper hygiene for your business centre goes a long way in improving workers’ productivity and your overall sales, as cleanliness speaks for itself.

  • Top 6 Tips for Opening Your Own Co-Working Space

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